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Company Name Contact Name Phone Member Type  
mTusker, Inc. Scott Shilling 303-437-5704 Vendor Member  
N/A Multiple (click to view) 720-278-1202 Vendor Member  
NEC Jeff Johnson 253-219-8255 Guest Member  
None currently Brett Sager 303-898-4101 Guest Member  
Open Partnering Technology and Real Estate Steve Runkel 303-634-7801 Guest Member  
Optimal Communications Rex Welsh 303-797-8557 Guest Member  
Options Multimedia Steve Stone 303-731-3028 Guest Member  
OuterSafe LLC. Patrick Connery 720-443-5829 General Member  
Panduit (CO Rural - WY) Darcy Phillips 720-534-5089 Vendor Member  
Panduit (Denver Metro) Jeff Smith 720-355-9015 Vendor Member  
Patrick Meyer Consulting Patrick Meyer 720-432-7122 Guest Member  
Pegasus Communications, LLC Todd Gelhaar 303-680-1713 Guest Member  
Pelouze Technologies Aaron Pelouze 719-597-2503 Guest Member  
PhoneSuite Frank Melville 303-465-0651 Vendor Member  
Plantronics Peggy Farnea 714-730-1366 Guest Member  
PM Communications West Phil Faircloth 303-816-9099 General Member TAC Director
PMI Mile Hi Chapter Brian Owens 720-635-7222 Guest Member  
PMT Audio Lewis Ticknor 303-903-9311 Guest Member  
Power and Telephone Supply Co Richard Nensel 303-818-3899 Guest Member  
Precision Telecom Robert Dieter 303-273-5800 Guest Member  
Premise Distribution Services Ryan Smith 303-904-4161 Guest Member  
Pro Se Jim Nolte 303-946-3524 General Member  
Profesionales Aqui Sandra Mendez 303-722-2322 Guest Member  
Professional Sales Diane Richmond 972-890-1411 Associate Member  
Proto-Tel, Inc. Rich Drewes 303-423-6575 Guest Member  
Pulsar360 Multiple (click to view) 855-578-5727 Guest Member  
Pur-Tel, LLC Steve Hansen 303-350-6156 Guest Member  
Reliance Globalcom Barbara Zigman 303-785-4509 Guest Member  
Reliance Globalcom Services Inc Gurdeep Sandhu 303-785-6648 Guest Member  
RF Mayo Associates Crystal Olsen 303-717-2874 Associate Member  
RIMROCK Technology Scott Muller 720-467-4672 General Member  
Rocky Mountain Security Group John Duran 303-424-4942 Guest Member  
Rodine Communications Tom Rodine 970-522-5097 General Member  
Rose Dotson Writing & Instructional Design Rose Dotson 303-808-9108 Guest Member  
Sandler Training by Sales Productivity Steve Parry 303-568-1500 Guest Member  
Self Multiple (click to view) 303-641-1563 Guest Member  
Silicon Valley Engineering Solutions Terry Fockler 831-818-4985 Guest Member  
Smith and Company Steve Smith 303-860-8900 Guest Member  
Smith Communications Inc. Robert Haislip 303-627-4411 Guest Member  
SOS Shane Monahan 303-875-5535 Guest Member  
Sporian Microsystems, Inc. Michael Usrey 303-516-9075 Guest Member  
Star Telecommunications, Inc Dawn Van Vleet 303-984-5114 Guest Member  
Star2Star Kent Krebs 303-800-3990 Vendor Member  
Stealth Brad Cheedle 303-908-6247 Guest Member  
Stevekitle Stevekitle Stevekitle 84884237521- Guest Member  
Strategic Development Partners Phillip Allen 303-875-1044 Guest Member  
Strategic Systems LLC John Forbes 303-380-2400 Guest Member  
Swanson Rink Mandy Tryon 303-832-2666 Guest Member  
Synergy Telecommunications, Inc. Michelle Gilly 303-339-8525 Guest Member  
TAC Webmaster Kevin Knapp 303-555-1212 Honorary Member  
TBC Teleco, Inc. Deon Jachetta 303-457-1103 Guest Member  
Technology Plus Inc Howard Feingold 303-340-8228 Guest Member  
Technology Plus, Inc Harvey Cohen 720-858-8614 Guest Member Tom Cross 303-594-1694 Associate Member TAC Ambassador
TekEfficient Dan Merwin 720-256-7106 Associate Member  
Telematrix/Scitec, Inc John Grubb 217-239-6515 Vendor Member  
Telephone Warehouse Peter Dashiell 303-343-6060 Guest Member  
Telesource LLC Coty Gill 303-660-1212 Guest Member  
Teletech Communications, Inc. Peter Madrzyk 630-775-0200 Guest Member  
Teletics Inc. Eric Larson 403-681-6380 Guest Member  
Teletics, Inc. Mike Fraser 800-511-7813 Guest Member  
Terra Ferma inc. Dennis Roark 719-310-5540 Guest Member  
The Telecommunications History Group, Inc. Jody Georgeson 303-296-1221 Honorary Member  
The Telephone Connection, Inc. Steve Wilson 303-922-4708 General Member TAC Director
Tisdale, LLC Ken Tisdale 303-807-5488 General Member  
Trident Telephone Mike McNellan 303-443-1717 Guest Member  
TrinWare Steve Rowland 720-488-9800 Guest Member  
United Telephone CO., Inc. Vali Habibi 303-671-5555 Guest Member  
University of Colorado David Baca 303-718-2421 Guest Member  
University of Colorado Boulder Kyle Paxton 303-960-2083 Guest Member  
UpFront Technologies Daniel Harrison 720-219-9021 Guest Member  
Vision to Action Dave Roberts 970-404-1947 Guest Member  
Windy City Wire Cable & Technology Products, LLC Max Saltzman 303-302-3194 Guest Member  

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