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Telecommunications Association of Colorado
  Serving Technology Service and System Professionals

Welcome to Telecommunications Association of Colorado

Telecommunications Association of Colorado (TAC) is composed of a group of diversified, highly skilled IT professionals. Each and every member has a vast knowledge of the product or service they provide. Members also have access to the knowledge of the group as a whole and can easily obtain any information they might need from other members. You, as a customer of a TAC member, can feel assured you will receive quality products and service when dealing with a member of TAC.

Experience: Members of TAC have the benefit of years of training, support of other member's certifications, training and experience. Members also have the benefit of manufacture and distribution training and support provided to the TAC group at meetings as well as special training seminars and classes.

Backup Support: By doing business with a TAC member, customers have the added assurance and backup of the entire TAC group. TAC members can count on the support of other members to help better meet their customer's needs. Members often call upon other members to help balance workloads, fill when technicians are on vacation, ill or etc.

Customers of TAC can rest assured that TAC members are well informed so that they can provide the latest technology available and provide appropriate recommendations to achieve meeting long term objectives and return on information systems investments.

Savings overall: The members of TAC offer more attractive rates than those of larger companies.

These are only a few, but perhaps the most crucial reasons for you to consider doing business with a TAC member.

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